“The giver and the receiver are one” – a Workaway experience in Source Temple


“The giver and the receiver are One”

…Those beaitful worlds are not mine (I mean literally, as words, when and how they were told, but I’ve embraced them before even hearing them so that they’re absolutely and completely mine after all) but it made a perfect sense for what I’ve been experiencing lately, in Source Temple, that I decided to share the experience.

During the past week I was repeating this idea to myself in different, abstract and most probably incomplete ways. Then yesterday a Beloved one,  decided it’s time to “give” me that priceless gift  of understanding…which I “received” with an open mind and grateful heart.

“The giver and the receiver are One”

My first day in Source Temple I was due to work with one of the residents on cleaning his new house. He is a colombian. And at that point I missed colombia so much, more than I could have imagined.

I tried my best to clean the house as if it was mine, put my heart in it, and my reward was instantaneous. I was singing my favourite colombian songs with a colombian guy…it was a beautiful morning full of pure joy. That day, I didn’t even notice that I was giving…it was all about me receiving.

“The giver and the receiver are One”

My second day, I was cleaning the toilets with Christina, another colombian. She comes from Caño Cristales region. Those who have followed my trip since the beginning, would know that I have a special relationship with Colombia but a big love story with La Macarena people.

I was again receiving the joy of spending another morning with someone who felt like family member (I ended up feeling every one in Source Temple is family, but that was only my second morning…)

But the toilets morning wasn’t only about this. At some point Christina and I stopped talking and got more and more concentrated on our task. I found my self going through every detail of the bathrooms…the sinks, the showers, the paper bins, the walls, the floor…cleaning them with complete devotion for my duty, pur love for the people I was giving this to, and a concentration I admit I’ve never reached before when I was working for a material reward. The more I cleaned the toilets the more it felts like cleaning my mind, getting rid of one piece of shit after the other, and filling my heart with pur love, one bucket of water after the other…

The more I cleaned, the more I felt clean.

“The giver and the receiver are One”

My third morning in Source Temple I was on raking duty. The property is huge, heavenly beautiful and full of trees. But hey, trees let go of leaves and dead  leaves, even though natural, would compromise the beauty of the fleshly cut grass.

Therefore raking is so very important here…

Getting rid of our dead leaves, yes the same ones that were green and beautiful yesterday, is very much  important to keep our present landscape clean and beautiful.
Do I need to say more about what was going on in me while I was raking dead leaves in Source Temple?

“The giver and the receiver are One”

On my fourth day,  my duty was still cleaning, and this time I was cleaning the room where residents were giving yoga, chi Kung, meditation, rebirthing,…sessions everyday, morning and evening, to the volunteers.

Beside the unconditional love they give to each of us (of course we need to be nothing but ourselves to be worth of love, it is so simple and obvious in here), each one of the residents was giving his best knowledge and time to help us grow, thrive and wake up…and I was cleaning this very part of the Source, of my heart, where it all happens.

“The giver and the receiver are One”

The fifth day, Saturday,   we were all in duty. The residents and the volunteers came together to help a neighboring family from the local community to extend their house…

Let’s make more space for everyone. Let’s give the girl her dream purple curtains. Let’s fill together her life with joy. Let’s follow Joy on bringing more joy…to everyone of us!

“The giver and the receiver are One”

I am so grateful. And the more I feel grateful to the Source temple residents, the more I feel grateful to myself because…guess what?

“The giver and the receiver are One”.

I came to Source Temple not because I needed a place to stay and Source temple residents didn’t invite me here because they needed workers. We all met here because love always prevails, because at some point you know God is and has always been here, in you, in everything. He is the giver and You are the receiver and You are One!

Love you all. After all, we are nothing, we own nothing, we give and receive nothing…but love!

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