Princess Fiona of Ometepe



“This trip to Ometepe wouldn’t have been that nice without you” 
“I know”
“I’m impressed by your humility Houda”

Those four days in Ometepe wouldn’t have been the same for sure if not shared with the lovely and “mean” Fiona!
I met Fiona during my first day in Nicaragua and she was also the last person I said goodbye to before leaving the country.  We kept running into each other since we first met in Managua’s bus station going to Leon; we then met in Granada, San Juan Del Sur and finally decided we should travel together to Ometepe.
Fiona and I have a lot of differences; she goes to the gym everyday, I hardly could climb half of the Maderas volcano. She is vegetarian – actually she says vegetarianism is her religion- and I’m a fervous lover of vegetables served as a side dish for meat. She doesn’t like cycling down hills while you could hear my “youhous” from kilometers when I’m going down one.

And what else? I think that’s mostly it 🙂

We had a great time sharing our love for food and spent quality time choosing our 3 daily meals, going through menus of different restaurants before settling. Another great moment was walking through the forest looking for a coffee farm and hardly exchanging a word. Each one of us in her world, gazing at the surroundings and walking in her own rythm.
We also shared some mean comments about other travellers and laughed to tears, we did our manicure while looking over a volcano and drunk a loco coco while cooling our feets off  in the natural swimming pool of Ojo del Agua.
I had such a great time with this remarquable lady, a teacher of children with dyslexia and a big traveler who has been to most Latin American countries and who is always willing to share insights and good plans.
This post is a bit late given that I said goodbye to Fiona almost a month ago, but yet today I was thinking about how much I miss having a girl friend with whom I could share the most personal confidences as well as the shallowest comments about the people sitting in our restaurant’s adjacent table. The last girl I could share such moments with was Fiona.
I really hope to see you again, mean Fiona. much love.

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  • lovely memories..finally an other blog in English after all these french blogs..ok next time in espagnol or classical Arabic lol (am reaaly in love with your amazing blogs in Darija)..anyway lge is just a mean, what matters is the felling.thanks dear lovely Houa .

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