7 pictures to make you dream about Antarctica

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to join me on a wonderful adventure in Antarctica, at the end of the world, very far away, through 7 pictures taken in a piece of heaven.

1. Suspend your flight and come enjoy the show


A trip to Antarctica in November, the beginning of the southern summer, would mean you’ll face a tricky navigation on a frozen sea. On his first trip of the season, the captain sailed very cautiously and slowly enough for birds come rest on the deck.

They joined intrepid travellers to admire how a boat, that is not an icebreaker, would be manoeuvring and paving its way, slowly but surely, between the ice blocks, to reach the 7th continent.

2.  Smile, you’re under the spotlight


Antarctica is their territory, their game and survival field. Yet, only during the summer, when the sun is perched all day long in the bright sky, that penguins are most likely to stop fighting the harsh environment and stop to pose for a picture. They are surprised though to see other animals strutting like them on two legs.

3. Antarctica: A door to another world


After the penguins and their surprised looks, the other big attraction in Antarctica is definitely the Icebergs. They often take impressive shapes and formes like if they were born in other worlds. Old men faces or palaces domes might appear here and their amid a sea of frozen ice.

My favorite though is this door open to the unknown. I couldn’t help but crossing it to an enchanting other side.

4. My paddle’s keen and bright


Our paddles keen and bright,

Flashing like silver;

Swift as the wild goose flight,

Dip, dip, and swing.

Dip, dip, and swing them back,

Flashing like silver;

Swift as the wild goose flight,

Dip, dip and swing.

(My paddle’s keen and bright scout song)

Paddling in Antarctica is definitely like in no other place. The majestic landscape and the silence would take you to another dimension, while the whales swimming just under you might just decide to go to the surface for an enchanting spectacle leaving you in complete owe.

5. A postcard from the end of the world


To send a postcard from the most remote place on earth, there is only one address; Port Lockroy in the Antarctic Peninsula. A postcard sent from the Penguins Post Office, takes on average about 2 months to get to destination and would travel with only 70,000 other cards.

Lucky postcard!

Check out also my video on Port Lockroy.

6. They came, hunted and left


The first ones, like almost everywhere else, were in search of fortune.

Whalers, the early settlers of the Antarctic Peninsula, found their treasure in the antarctic sea and the profusion of whales calling it home. They so built wooden houses, now abandoned to the dreams of a young girl in red. Fortunately, whales survived the massacre and got protected back home. Antarctica today offers one of the most beautiful whales watching experiences.

7. The pleasure of taking all these photos in Antarctica


Immortalising moments in the middle of an ancient ice is a bit like stopping time, freezing the present moment into eternity. Photographing Antarctica procures unparalleled joy, for it is not only taking pictures of a place, a landscape, or other creatures. It is taking a picture of the silence itself, and that silence would come nourish your soul with even more magical sights.

A real, intense pleasure!

Hanger for more? Watch my amazing trip to Antarctica video. 

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