Apoyo Lagoon, a little peace of heaven

image Apoyo lagoon offered me a bless that is of experiencing the nothingness that fulfills one’s soul with tenderness, love, peace and simple joy. Wandering all the day between the lagoon’s warm, clear water, and the colorful hammocks under luxurious vegetation. Enjoying the sun and breathing the reviving breeze. Living in the no hurry, no plans, no questions moment. Those were my days in la Laguna de Apoyo. A peaceful piece of heaven hidden in an ancient volcano’s crater, a highlight of Nicaragua so far. I’m writing those few words while packing and getting ready to leave. The three days here passed so fast and yet were out of time. Kind of a present moment that never moves. Time has definitely left the place. I’m leaving with a bit of sorrow and yet a huge deal of happiness. Leaving with a promise that after any tough road I may take, after any exhausting day or stressful hours, I would reward myself with another heaven, another balm to my soul and body, a source of love and care for the inner me and a release of the joy the universe is holding from no one. It may not be another lagoon but it sure will be another paradise. image image image image image image

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